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EmpiricalHR - data-driven employee decisions - Issue #146

EmpiricalHR - data-driven employee decisions
EmpiricalHR - data-driven employee decisions - Issue #146
This week I’ve structured the newsletter into a few key themes.
At the beginning are a selection of research-based articles on the labour market challenges as we open our economies. I’ve been reading Goodhart & Pradhan’s ‘The Great Demographic Reversal’ which has been encouraging me to think about localised labour markets. At the same time I’ve been doing some very interesting client work on labour markets and workforce developments and how a major national-level employer changed it’s job-filling over the last decade in response to automation, digitalisation and new labour markets in Central / Eastern Europe. (Hint Covid is a catalyst to existing trends).
I also have a section on decision making. Ultimately all People Analytics involves decision making and therefore I believe we need to start from the decision and work backwards. The McKinsey collection is an excellent resource.
Finally a few good articles supporting Gillian Tett’s new book on anthropology in business. As PA specialists we need to consider the best tool for answering the questions that we deal with. As I’ve mentioned before, the best analysts combine quant and qual techniques.
Have a good week.

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Decision making
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