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EmpiricalHR - data-driven employee decisions - Issue #134

EmpiricalHR - data-driven employee decisions
EmpiricalHR - data-driven employee decisions - Issue #134
The People Analytics community seems to be evolving, and in my view in a healthy manner.
A couple of years ago the focus was on existing data, sucked in from databases and analysed using quite sophisticated tools (so called ‘AI’). Whilst that part of the analysis world have certainly increased I think there has been realisation that in many instances simpler methods are more appropriate given the challenges that we face. The things that are interesting me are increasingly those that are appropriate for what we’re trying to understand and the data that we have (or should capture).
Keith McNulty continues to promote simpler methods, well chosen, with his ongoing discussion of Regression Analysis. In this week’s selection I’m including several articles that relate to the theme; on using qualitative and quantitive analysis together. Even the article about 98 things that go wrong in an ML project emphasises the importance of getting the basics right.
This shift is important to the broader HR community as it moves the ‘ownership’ of the analysis from the highly-educated data scientist to the average HR person. People analytics techniques are important but people analytics thinking more-so.

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